Day 1 (14 June)








Plenary room 1 - Auditorium

Welcome speeches: Francisco Rodriguez Lozano, Regina Dalmau, Panagiotis Behrakis, Esteve Fernandez, Francisco Camarelles

Key Note Speaker: Laurent Huber - ASH - US - Remembering our core mission: reducing death and disease"


Coffee break


Monitoring tobacco legislation in Europe after the TPD (eurest-plus)

Plenary room 1 - Auditorium

Chair 1: Constantine Vardavas
Chair 2: Geoffrey T. Fong

Esteve Fernandez: Smoke-free legislation in 6 European countries

Ute Mons: Extent and correlates of self-reported exposure to tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship in smokers from eight European countries

Filippos Filippidis: Trends and correlates of tobacco use, smoking cessation and support for tobacco control policies in the European Union

Constantine Vardavas: Assessing e-cigarette product compliance to the TPD

Ann McNeill: Discussant

Israel Agaku: Discussant


Youth and Tobacco 1: Oral Presentations

Room 4 - Blue room

Chair 1: Enkeleint Aggelos Mechili
Chair 2: Antonella Cardone

Marina Demi: Smoking Prevalence in Greece

Araceli Valverde: Exposure to second-hand smoke at home among children under 15 years old in Catalonia, 2012-2016

Kurt Annendijck and Marina Van den Nouweland: Antismoking campaign to keep youngsters between 12 and 15 years from smoking by diving into their own world

Adelaida Lozano: Profile of the tobacco and cannabis consumer students of the university of Murcia


Cessation 1: Oral presentations

Room 3 - Green room

Chair 1: Giulia Carreras
Chair 2: Regina Dalmau

Antigona Carmen Trofor: Smoking cessation in cardiovascular, diabetes and COPD patients - lessons from the pilot TOB G project in Romania

Arusyak Harutyunyan: Availability of Smoking Cessation Products among 14 European Countries

Biljana Kilibarda: Smoking cessation services in Serbia

Carmela Martinez-Vispo: The perception of environmental reinforcement mediates the effect of cigarette dependence on depressive symptoms in smokers seeking smoking cessation treatment

Tarja Kristiina Ikonen: 28 Days Without - a new approach to nicotine dependence treatment in Finland

Pedro Aguilar Cotrina: Factors associated with success in smoking cessation programs


Lunch break & Posters

11:00-15:00 (4hrs)

TACK SHS meeting

Room 2 - Yellow room


New Perspectives on Implementing FCTC Article 14

Plenary room 1 - Auditorium

Chair 1: Cornel Radu - Loghin
Chair 2: Katie Kemper

Martin Raw: Progress in Article 14 Implementation?

Mark Parascandola: TB, HIV and Tobacco Cessation in LMICs

Laurent Huber: How to utilize human rights arguments and mechanisms to advance smoking cessation advocacy

Taylor Hays: So, why bother with cessation? A Summary


Criminal Liability for the Tobacco Industry

Room 3 - Green room

Chair 1: Anca Toma Friedlaender
Kelsey Romeo-Stuppy: An update on the criminal liability movement around the world

Pascal Diethelm: Possible criminal case in Switzerland

Pierre Kopp: France and international courts


Youth and tobacco 2

Room 5 - Grey room

Chair 1: Sofia Ravara
Enkeleint Aggelos Mechili: Tobacco addiction in young population and factors associated with motivation to quit; The case of University of Vlora, Albania students

Julian Perelman: Smoking and school absenteeism among 15-16 years-old adolescents: a cross-section analysis on 36 countries

Levan Baramidze: Role of health care professionals informing adolescents about health promotion issues at primary health care level

Sadykova Jamilya: Tobacco epidemic trend among Almaty teenagers.


Oportunidades perdidas en España de prevención y control tabaquismo/ Lost Opportunities in Spain for tobacco prevention and control

Room 4 - Blue room

Presenta/coordinator: Francisco Rodríguez Lozano

Ponente/speaker: Andrés Zamorano


Tabaco y otros estilos de vida/ Tobacco and other lifestyles

Room 4 - Blue room

Modera/coordinator: Josep Maria Suelves

Julio Basulto: Tabaco y alimentación/Tobacco and nutrition

Rodrigo Córdoba: Tabaco y consumo de alcohol/Tobacco and alcohol consumption

Emilio Salguero: Tabaco y actividad Fisica/Tobacco and physical activity


Coffee break



Plenary room 1 - Auditorium

Chair 1: Charlotta Pisinger
Chair 2: Florin Dumitru Mihaltan

Carlos Jimenez Ruiz: Towards stronger tobacco control strategies: a forward look at Iberian and Latin American countries

Paraskevi Katsaounou: WHO and ERS Joint Tobacco Cessation Training Project – Achievements and lessons learned

Sofia Ravara: Emerging challenges in tobacco control – Heated tobacco products, Harm reduction and the Foundation for a Smoke-Free world

Filippos Filippidis: Importance of taxation and the current state in European countries



Room 2 - Yellow room

Chair 1: Panos Bamidis
Chair 2: Luis Fernandez-Luque

Panos Bamidis: Smoking Cessation, Technological Innovations and Neuroscience – a short introduction to the SmokeFreeBrain project

Alexis Bailey: Running away from addiction: Exercise, smoking cessation and neuroscience

Andreas A. Ioannides: Smoking cessation, neurofeedback and sleep

Christos Frantzidis and Charis Styliadis: Sleep macro-architectures during pharmacological smoking cessation interventions

Luis Fernandez Luque: Information Wars: The era of massive digital misinformation. The footprint of tobacco industry in social media and mobile health

Syed Abdul Shabbir and Francisco J Núñez-Benjumea: Smoking Cessation supported by Mobile App in Taiwan

Santiago Hors Fraile: Behavioral change and mobile recommender systems for smoking cessation


Youth and tobacco 3: Oral Presentations

Room 5 - Grey room

Chair 1: Norma Cronin
Chair 2: Biljana Kilibarda

Krzysztof Przewozniak: Generation Y (Millennials) toward health and tobacco - a look at their needs, beliefs and behaviours

Araceli Valverde: Fourteen years of ‘Smokefree Class’, a school-based smoking prevention programme in Catalonia that adapts to new forms of consumption

Brigit Toebes: Children’s rights and tobacco control

Cristina Martínez: Predictors of tobacco products and cannabis use among nursing students

Daniel Celdrán Guerrero: Cost of passive smoking in children in Spain


Recetario económico para el avance en la prevención y control del tabaquismo/ Economic recipe for the advance in the tobacco prevention and control

Room 4 - Blue room

Presenta/coordinator: Cristina Gómez Chacón

Ponente/Speaker: Ángel López Nicolás


Avances y Barreras para el control del tabaquismo/ Advances and Barriers to tobacco control

Room 4 - Blue room

Modera/cooordinator: Ana Mª Furió

Esteve Fernández: Empaquetado Genérico/Plain packaging

Esteve Saltó: Estrategias de la industria tabaquera para seguir con el negocio mortal. Nuevos dispositivos para fumar / The tobacco industry's strategies to continue the deadly business. New smoking devices


Training Health Care Professionals in Evidence-based Tobacco Treatment: Lessons learned from the Global Bridges Network

Room 3 - Green room

Chair 1: Taylor Hays
Chair 2: Charis Girvalaki

Sophia Papadakis: What makes a difference in cessation: learning from the TiTAN project

Linda Kaljee: A longitudinal outcomes evaluation of an adapted Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (aCTTS) for physicians in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Catalina Panaitescu: Building capacity to support smoking cessation amongst Family Physicians in Romania: The Challenges of VBA in Primary Care Practice

Esmeralda Barreira: Nurses making a difference in tobacco dependence treatment in Portugal

Cristina Martinez: Factors Associated with the Implementation of the 5As smoking model


Monitoring the Tobacco Industry Across Europe: Trends and Cases

Plenary room 1 - Auditorium

Chair 1: Joshua Abrams
Chair 2: Pascal Diethelm

Debra Rosen: TI Corporate strategies in Europe and their impact on policy

Laura Graen: TI Efforts to subvert FCTC: The Case of PMI rebranding and the “Smoke Free Foundation”

Uliana Bakh: Case Study – Tobacco companies in the Balkans: investments, policy impact, Strategies to Counter them

Lilia Olefir: How TI operates in the policy process in Ukraine and tobacco control’s strategies to counter them


Waterpipe and Novel Tobacco Products: Oral Presentations

Room 2 - Yellow room

Chair 1: Esteve Salto
Chair 2: Bertrand Dautzenberg

Filippos T Filippidis: Trends and correlates of waterpipe use in the European Union, 2009-2017

Ayobamigbe Faloye: Waterpipe (shisha) smoking: prevalence, harm perception and correlates of favourable harm perception among University of Ibadan undergraduate students

Biljana Kilibarda: Waterpipe use and attitudes related to it among Serbian adult population

Bertrand Dautzenberg: Technology of the heated tobacco, smoke and aerosol in emissions

Marina Chernova: Promotion of “Heat Not Burn” Tobacco Products in Russia: New Threat to Tobacco Control



Room 3 - Green room

Chair 1: Esteve Fernandez
Chair 2: Israel Agaku

Lukasz Balwicki and Malgorzata Balwicka-Szczyrba: Electronic cigarette youth access in Poland

Asli Çarkoglu: Banning is not enough: E-cigarette users in Turkey

Cristina Martínez: Conflicts of interest in research on electronic cigarettes: a cross-sectional study

Dilek Aslan: Expired air-co and urinary cotinine levels of the electronic cigarette users: descriptive study from Turkey

Marine Gambaryan: E-cigarettes marketing and promotion in Russia, attitudes and beliefs. Results from Russian Tobacco control policy Evaluation study

Konstantinos Farsalinos: Carbonyl emissions from a novel tobacco heated product (IQOS): comparison with an e-cigarette and a tobacco cigarette


Aportaciones actuales de la Psicología al tratamiento del tabaquismo/ Current contributions of Psychology to the treatment of smoking

Room 4 - Blue room

Presenta/coordinator: Javier Moreno

Ponente/speaker: Manuel López Herranz


Tabaco y patología cardiovascular/ Tobacco and cardiovascular pathology

Room 4 - Blue room

Modera/cooordinator: Raúl de Simón Gutierrez

Jaime Fernández Boadilla: Tabaco y patología cardiovascular/ Tobacco and cardiovascular pathology

Regina Dalmau: Ayudar a dejar de fumar al paciente con patología cardiovascular/ How to help somekers with cardiovascular disease to quit

16.30 - 17.45

 Cross-sectional cooperation as a tool in tobacco control – what can be learnt from Denmark?

Room 5 - Grey room

Chair 1: Hanne Vibjerg
Chair 2: Chair 2: Jørgen Falk

Susanne Bjærge: Smokefree future – a bottom-up approach, broad partnerships

Poul Dengsøe Jensen: Smokefree school hours - cooperation between schools and NGOs

Nina Krog Larsen: Copperation between health sectors and municipalities

Hanne Vibjerg: Smoking cessation in new settings

18.00 - 19.00


Room 2 - Yellow room


Reception in the Palacio de Cibeles (City Hall)