The Comité Nacional para la Prevención del Tabaquismo (CNPT) is the organization that groups together the movement for the prevention of smoking in Spain. In addition, it is part of the European Network for the Prevention of Smoking, which brings together similar coalitions of various countries in the European Union.

Since its foundation, the CNPT has worked to expand the prevention of smoking in Spain, as tobacco is the first cause of premature and preventable death. Specifically, in the last fifteen years it has caused 600,000 deaths, especially in men. Although a hopeful decline in the global prevalence of smoking and a clear decrease in the proportion of men who smoke are beginning to be appreciated, much remains to be done.

The CNPT has developed an educational action for the public, works with health professionals, collaborates with health authorities, and contacts with the political representatives of the population. It has also prepared several projects that can allow a greater policy on tobacco prevention in Spain.

Awards that the CNPT has received for its work in prevention and tobacco control:

– WHO Prize for the best work on the prevention of smoking in Europe (2003)

– Medal of the Civil Order of Health (2005)

– Prize for awareness raising work in favor of public health, awarded by the SEMG (2009)

– Prize of the Foundation for the attention to the addictions of the Red Cross Spain for the Citizen Action for the change of the Law of Tobacco, in the modality of Social Communication Media (2010)